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Synapes (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

SYNAPES (Thailand) is an applied artificial intelligence (AI) company.



Company Name : Synapes (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Country : Thailand

Profile :Artificial Intelligence, Data & Cloud, Smart Solutions & IOT, Software for Business

Website : https://synapes.ai

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087253959267

Booth no. : G12


Company Profile:
SYNAPES (Thailand) is an applied artificial intelligence (AI) company founded in 2017 We have developed various AI technologies including natural language understanding (NLU), real-time VDO analytics (ReVA), computer vision and machine learning-based data analytics.


Product Highlight:
Enhanced security with the SELEN AI platform analyzes IP cameras data form video and sound , such as voice calls for help. broken glass or the sound of a gun with notification of abnormal events through the web application system and LINE.

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