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Company Name: RFID Ltd.

Country: Thailand

Profile: Smart Solutions & IOT, Software for Business

Booth no. : E16


Company Profile:
RFID Co., Ltd. has been established since 2002 with the intention to help the customers improving efficiencies and simplifying processes through RFID technology. With more than 10 years experience in this technology, we have successfully implemented more than 200 RFID projects among 150 organisations. Besides extensive working experience, we also obtained Thailand ICT Award on 2008 and 2014 for our RFID solutions. In addition, our company is also certified for ISO29110 for software development process.

We focus ourselves as one stop service for RFID technology. Our service covers 3 main areas:
• RFID Hardware: We supply RFID devices covering both RFID readers and RFID tags.
• RFID Solution: Our principally RFID solutions includes RFID vehicle visibility, RFID intelligent cabinet and RFID tunnel or etc.
• RFID Consulting Service: We offer consulting service and develop RFID solution to those companies who are interested to implement RFID solutions.


Product Highlight:
RFID Intelligent Cabinet
RFID Intelligent Cabinet Solution presents the most proactive solution for automating inventory management on site. We have embedded both Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and IOT technologies into our cabinet. This system allows you to monitor the devices on sites without assigning someone to manually count the devices on site as usual.

RFID Returnable Asset
RFID readers are installed at key areas such as entrance and exit of warehouse. Each container is embedded with RFID tag. When being passed the readers, the containers will be automatically scanned by the reader. This can reduce manual operation on scanning individual container. The scanning information will be sent to cloud server for further analysis on asset utilization.

On Cloud Human Resource Management
We have extended our access control solution to operate beyond access control purpose. Our access control solution supports human resources operation and visitor management. We also provide the time attendance, job shift assignment and payroll system. Our hardware supports myriads technologies for access control solution including RFID card, face scan, finger scan and QR code.

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