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Pro One IT Co., Ltd.

Professional One was the first and only trusted local provider to provide HR Outsourcing Services to the company.



Company Name: Pro One IT Co., Ltd. 

Country: Thailand

Profile: Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Data & Cloud, Smart Solutions & IOT, Software for Business

Website: www.professional-one.com

Facebook: ProOneHRSevices

Booth no. : G06


Company Profile: 

Pro One has been an HR Outsourcing Services specialist for over 30 years. Our journey began in electronic typewriter repair and maintenance services, and expanded to IT personnel outsourcing when a leading international IT company adopted an outsourcing strategy in its Thailand business management in 1990. Pro One was the first and only trusted local provider to provide HR Outsourcing Services to the company. Based on our expertise in IT personnel recruitment, payroll management with 100% on-time proven record, long-term employee relations management, comprehension in IT resources nature, knowledge in the Thai Labour Protection Act and related laws, and awareness of end-result which will impact our clients, Pro One’s Outsourcing Services has been trusted by the international IT company ever since and we were selected to be a Skilled IT Resource Service Provider in 1997. We continue to improve our work process and HR technology and assure our clients in our services with quality management standard ISO 9001.


Product Highlights : 

100% assurance in IT personnel management Pro One HR work process has been ProOne’s expertise for over 30 years, especially in IT personnel management. We have specialists in Thai Labour Protection Act, tax law, and other related regulations. You can be assured of our HR Outsourcing Services for your IT projects in Thailand which will help you efficiently control cost and ensure project timeliness by our professionals. Whether you are from an HR department, a service department or a particular project team looking to focus your time on project strategies and planning to compete with the ever-changing market, outsourcing personnel work process to a second-to-none specialist like us will allow you to focus on your core business whilst enabling you to still manage the personnel within your policy framework.

Outsourcing personnel work to Pro One helps our clients reduce cost and increase work efficiency in recruitment, administration, payroll and benefits, and disciplinary actions.

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