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NetDesign Host Co., Ltd.

We started our business as NetDesign Group in Thailand since 2001 and we officially joint as apart of GMO Internet Group, Japan.



Company Name: NetDesign Host Co., Ltd.

Country: Thailand

Profile: Data & Cloud, E-commerce & Digital Marketing

Website: https://z.com/th/en/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zcomsign, https://www.facebook.com/zcomcloud, https://www.facebook.com/zcomsurvey, https://www.facebook.com/zcomthai

Booth no. : A20


Company Profile: 

We started our business as NetDesign Group in Thailand since 2001 and we officially joint as apart of GMO Internet Group, Japan on 2017. Since then, we have started up many new IT services to support our vision to be an IT service provider with one stop service for any kind of IT solutions that is related to Internet Technology. Our Slogan: Internet for Everyone Our mission: Provide full stack IT services to expand the usage of Internet in Thailand [Our Business Sectors] 1) IT infrastructure: Cloud Server[IaaS] & Web-Hosting service[PaaS] 2) Domain: Domain Name Registration service 3) Security for IT infrastructure: Provisioning of SSL[Web], AATL[Document], S/MIME[Email] etc 4) Website & SEO: Automated Website Builder & customized website development + Search Engine Optimization 5) Business Analysis: Online Market Research service 6) [LATEST] Online Application Service: Electronic Document Signing Solution.


Product Highlights : 

A. Z.com Cloud: – Cloud VPS: Cloud service with low price but high quality of user-friendly virtual machines(VM) packages. – Cloud Enterprise: Cloud service with high flexibility to have full control on the IT resources and specifications to fulfill the complicated system requirements. B. Z.com Domain: – Providing highly demanded Domain Name registration service with the lowest price in Thailand. C. Z.com Security: – Secure Socket Layer(SSL): Certificates for website – E-mail Certification(S/MIME): Certificates for Email – Document Signing(AATL): Certificates for electronic document – Code Signing: Certificates for programming codes or computer application D. Z.com Research: – Online Market Research services to assist online business owners to analyze the market trend any kind of business. – Gain statistics and information provided by more than 49 Million members and consumers in 16 markets over Asia Pacific. E. Z.com Sign: – Our LATEST online document signing service with any kind of IT device, anytime anywhere.

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