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(Silver Sponsor) Hitachi Asia Thailand

Hitachi Asia Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., is headquartered in Singapore. With offices across ASEAN countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam etc.



Company Name: Hitachi Asia Thailand

Country: Thailand

Profile: Software for business, Cyber Security

Website: www.hitachi.com.sg/ict-solutions/software.html

Booth no.: C10


Company Profile: 

Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd will be participating in DigiTech ASEAN 2022. At the event, we will offer Lumada, which is Hitachi’s platform that is poised to deliver Hitachi’s advanced technologies by connecting and analyzing customers’ data, supporting co-creation and creating new value through the utilization of digital technologies (e.g. big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), manufacturing insights (MIS), etc). With JP1, our leading IT operations management software, we can help businesses streamline IT processes, workload automation, and accelerate automation in hybrid environments to optimize their operational effectiveness. We aim to create growth through collaboration with our customers in the areas of Green, Digital, and Innovation. Come visit our Booth C10 from November 23 to 25, 2022, and we will see you there!


Product profile:

Hitachi Job Management Partner 1 (JP1) is a leading industry of IT operations management software. It has been in the market for more than 20 years and is one of the most well-known brands in the IT industry. JP1 specializes in centralized operations and management, workload automation, desktop management, and infrastructure monitoring. Many organizations have adapted to workload automation. Nowadays, manufacturing does need a workload automation tool to optimize and automate complex processes in their supply chain and operate a system that assists companies in preventing human errors and setting the foundations for highly secure and productive operations. With JP1 job scheduling tool that enables companies to remotely control device processes from a central location. It helps business tasks (such as defining jobs and sequence, issuing execution instructions, monitoring status, and managing actual execution results) to be automated and performed on a fixed schedule and in a particular order using a simple graphical user interface (GUI). It is not only scalable but also flexible, and it connects work processes all over the world.

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