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FarmConnect Asia Co., Ltd.

FarmConnect Asia Co., Ltd. is a leading crop solution provider with a comprehensive system.



Company Name : FarmConnect Asia Co., Ltd.

Country : Thailand

Profile : Artificial Intelligence, Data & Cloud, Smart Solutions & IOT

Website : https://synapes.ai

Booth no. : F26


Company Profile:
FarmConnect Asia Co., Ltd. is a leading crop solution provider with a comprehensive system for precision irrigation and fertigation to help increase productivity and quality of crop produce. FarmConnect’s IoT sensors, controllers and data analytic solution are continuously developed based on 30-year-experience growing knowledge, engineering, and data technology with artificial intelligence (AI). Our solutions suit horticultural crop production and fruit production as a one-stop-service from irrigation design, installation, maintenance and long-term data support for precision agriculture.


Product Highlight:
The Data Sensing Station embedded with SmartBox Controller assists growers to irrigate and fertilize plants precisely, on time with the right amount. To achieve precision irrigation, the internet of things (IoT), sensors, and controller systems were designed and deployed to respond to growers’ everyday activities. Our system was designed for easy installation, usage and maintenance. Our key feature is data analytic on measured sensors, plant’s crop profile and activity’s logging which provides schedule and recommendation for daily activity. Furthermore, disease and disaster prevention features help farmers and growers to prevent damage to plants and crops. Our products aim to improve product’s quality and make farmers gain more profits.

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