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Bizcuit Solution Co., Ltd.

Bizcuit is a marketing intelligence solutions company.



Company Name: Bizcuit Solution Co., Ltd.

Country: Thailand

Profile: Data & Cloud, Cyber Security

Website: https://www.bizcuitsolution.com/

Booth no. : G05


Company Profile:
Bizcuit is a marketing intelligence solutions company that provides FullLoop Customer Experience Management Platform, NLP text analytics, voice, image and video analytics and structured data analysis to aid customers to increase revenue or reduce costs.


Product Highlight:
1. FullLoop Customer Experience is an AI-powered total customer experience platform that excels at gaining actionable insights for real-time customer management.

2. Unlike CCTV, Bizcuit Vision Analytics functions like an artificial brain to a surveillance camera. A video camera equipped with artificial intelligence not only transmits the video to a monitor, but also interprets and understands the visual images. Computer vision can seek what you look for and let you know in real time.

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