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AppCoda is a blog dedicated to iOS programming. Some said programming is hard to learn.




Company Name: Appcoda

Country: Hong Kong

Profile: Software for Business

Company Profile:

AppCoda is a blog dedicated to iOS programming. Some said programming is hard to learn. Some dream about having their own apps but don’t know how to get started. This is what AppCoda is all about. Our mission is to develop high quality and easy-to-read iOS programming tutorials for anyone who want to learn iOS programming and pursue app development. We believe everyone can learn programming and build apps even without any prior experience. We want to contribute to the iOS programming community and promote coding by taking the hard parts of iOS programming and making them easy to understand

Product Highlights:

At AppCoda, we believe programming should be fun to learn. Instead of just elaborating the theories, you’ll learn by doing. You will start building an app right from the beginning. This course is delivered through ebooks and screencasts, depending on the package of your choice. But no matter which one you choose, they all feature a lot of hands-on exercises and projects to help you learn to code and build iOS apps.
During the process, you will master Swift programming and iOS app development. Most importantly, you will build an App Store-ready app after going through the course.

Our students are capable to release their own apps or become a job-ready developer after going through the course. Whether you are a programmer who wants to learn a new programming language or a designer who wants to turn your design into an iOS app or an entrepreneur who wants to learn to code, this course is designed for you.

Not only does this course cover Swift and iOS development, it shows you how to visualize your app idea before building your app. It also teaches you how to perform beta tests and shows you the exact procedures to upload your app to App Store.



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