Our 2020 Webinars

Sharpening & Nurturing Human Capital in Digital Economy.

Protect Power Plant and Industrial Infrastructure from Cyber Attack! How to mitigate the risk based on case study.

Evolve your Firstline Workforce for the new normal.

Innovation & New Economy.

Japan Recommend IT Day KEYNOTE

ISID Smart Manufacturing Solution.

Qualica Thailand IT solution for manufacturing

Hitachi’s Solution when the New Normal is ‘’Work form Home’’

mcframe ERP/ IoT and BI Solution

Vehicle dispatch optimization system with Mii Hawk and Dataspider.

Lumada manufacturing insights – accelerate kaizen by digital


Smart Manufacturing for the New Normal.

Redefined data management with HPE solution.

Empower Digital Retail with SAP & Atos.

Using AIOps to gain insight and
automate your IT operation management.

Drive business with “Innovators DNA”

Zero-Trust Security: the new approach in the new normal

เตรียมไอทีให้ Fit ในยุค Ransomware กับ Acronis Cyber Protect

Malaysia and Innovation – Visions for the Future and Why subtopic – Innovation has always been a sub-context of Malaysian digital companies. Discussing the success stories in how these companies rolled out innovative ideas to address problems faced today and tomorrow.

Presentations by Malaysian Tech Companies

Cyber Crime & solution to Eliminate Them.

5G Ecosystem for Enterprises on Digital Transformation.